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July 31, 2008

Gas drilling in paradise
The River Reporter

July 29, 2008

Catskill Mountainkeeper gaining notoriety
Sullivan County Democrat
By Dan Hust

July 27, 2008

The Light Is Green, and Yellow, on Drilling
The New York Times
By Peter Applebome

Questions surround gas-drilling waste water, Treatment plants’ capabilities lacking
Press & Sun-Bulletin
By Tom Wilber

Johnson City OKs water sale to gas drillers
Press & Sun-Bulletin
By Tom Wilber

July 25, 2008

Meetings to be held on NY natural gas drilling
by Mary Esch / Associated Press Writer

July 24, 2008

Marcellus Shale follow up
WNYC Reporter Ilya Marritz and WNYC Political Director Andrea Bernstein

Slow down, governor
Times Union Editorial

Governor signs bill updating oil and gas drilling law

Investigative report: Hastiness in natural gas drilling jeopardizes local water
John Hockenberry, Adaora Udoji, Leo Duran

Paterson clears path for gas wells
Bill addresses environmental concerns, governor says

Press & Sun-Bulletin
By Tom Wilber

July 23, 2008

C’town rejects water sale
By Tom Grace
Cooperstown News Bureau

July 22, 2008

Statement of the Center for Biological Diversity on the Bureau of Land Management’s Draft Oil Shale Leasing Regulations
Center for Biological Diversity

Upstate New York’s Looming Natural Gas Nightmare
Abraham Lustgarten
The Times Union Albany

State Official Responds to WNYC/ProPublica Investigation

WNYC Reports on the impact of Gas Drilling

July 21, 2008

Gas-Rush Showdown: Profit vs. Fear
By Tom Wilber
The Press Sun-Bulletin Binghamton

Drill Site Spacing Bill Opposed by Many in Chenango County
By Melissa DeCordova
The Evening Sun Chenango County

July 18, 2008

Gas Drilling Regulations May Be Needed
By Tom Wilber
Press & Sun Bulletin Binghamton

Special Gas Committee Formed
By Melissa DeCordova
The Evening Sun Chenango County

July 17, 2008

Board Votes to Sell Water
By Jim Austin
From The Cooperstown Crier

July 16, 2008

Water Woes, Wells Contaminated
By David Bruce
From The Erie Times News

July 15, 2008

Drilling Gets in Depth Look from Legislature
By Dan Hust
From the Sullivan County Democrat

July 14, 2008

Team forms to battle drilling
By Hilary Bentman
The Intelligencer

Groups warn of potential river pollution
By James McGinnis
Bucks County Courier Times

July 13, 2008

Couples Faucets Spout Fiery Mix
By Nancy Dooling
The Press and Sun Bulletin Binghamton

Farmers Hope Gas Drillers Hit Paydirt
By Adam Bosch
From The Times Herald-Record

July 12, 2008

Gas Drilling Bill Awaits Paterson’s Signature
By Dave Gallagher
The Press and Sun Bulletin Binghamton

July 11, 2008

Suits against gas drilling get ally
By Scott Kraus
The Morning Call

July 10, 2008

DEC Explains Gas Drilling Regulations
By Tom Kane
The River Reporter

Towns Want Home Rule Strengthened
By Fritz Mayer
The River Reporter

Radioactivity and Gas Wells
By Fritz Mayer
The River Reporter

Gas Exploration Factors into New River Basin Plan
By David Thompson
The SunGazette Williamsport, PA

Taxing Gas Wells
By Fritz Mayer
From The River Reporter

July 8, 2008

Drilling Firm Wants C’town’s Water
By Tom Grace
The Daily Star Oneonta

Natural Gas Rush Prospects Weighed
By Tom Wilbur
From The Press and Sun Bulletin Binghamton

July 7, 2008

Sierra Club letter to NYS DEC Commissioner Grannis

Precious Few Regulations Govern Drilling in Sullivan County
By Adam Bosch
The Times-Herald Record

Groups Condemn U.S. Forest Service Hidden Agenda
By Kyle Milliron
The Bradford Era

July 3, 2008

A Land Rush is Likely, so a Lawyer Gets Ready
By Peter Applebome
The New York Times

Senator Lisa Baker Wants Secret Drilling Fluid Revealed
By Tom Kane
The River Reporter

Limits of Local Control
By Fritz Mayer
The River Reporter

Lease Prices May Be Slipping
By Fritz Mayer
From The River Reporter

Drilling Rigs, Damaged Roads
By Tome Kane
The River Reporter

New Mexico Victory on Pit Rule

July 1

Company Plans Pilot Wells into Marcellus Shale in NY and PA this Year

Sierra Club Resolution Calling on the NYS DEC to Do an Environmental Impact Study of Drilling in the Marcellus Shale

June 30

Caution Urged on Gas Drilling (Letter to the Editor, The Daily Star, Oneonta)

June 29

Gas Drillers in Race for Hearts and Land

Liberty forum targets possible drilling

June 28

Natural gas powers growing debate in Sullivan County

June 5

Chesapeake Decision Puts Court System Under Spotlight

Need for water permits will delay drilling

The Weekly Almanac
by Peter Wynne, Special Writer

It looks like the “gas rush” in northeastern Pennsylvania will wind down to a crawl this summer — at least when it comes to something called “fracking.”

Just Trust Us

The River Reporter
June 26, 2008


Highland stalls ‘gas rush’—for now – Board approves moratorium

The River Reporter
June 26, 2008

ELDRED, NY — The Town of Highland voted unanimously to approve a six-month moratorium on new oil and natural gas extraction activities following a public hearing on June 24. A lengthy public comment period brought remarks from supporters and detractors, and raised additional questions.

Photos of the Week

The Hancock Herald

A view of the pipeline project just days after a severe mud slide closed Peas Eddy Road on Monday, June 16.

County’s Public Works committee debates natural gas right of way law

The Evening Sun
June 25th, 2008
By: Melissa deCordova

NORWICH – Two landowners who said they represented a coalition of 40,000 acres criticized Chenango County’s highway department last week for allowing natural gas companies to conduct seismic testing along right-of-ways abutting their land.

Controversial gas bill nears law

Press & Sun-Bulletin
June 25, 2008
By Tom Wilber

Local politicians split on issue

Early signees feel cheated by landmen

Timing, knowledge pays when negotiating gas deal Press & Sun-Bulletin
June 22, 2008
By Tom Wilber

Timing, knowledge pays when negotiating gas deal

Peril lies beneath the promise of mid-Atlantic natural gas

Baltimore Sun
June 12, 2008
By Nathaniel Gillespie

Dozens of energy companies are busily working to secure leases from private landowners to explore the vast Marcellus Shale layer that underlies much of Western Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and the southern tier of New York state.

Drilling carries a hefty environmental price
Work can erode water sources, roads, home life

Press & Sun-Bulletin
Binghamton, NY
June 8, 2008
By Tom Wilber

The quest for riches in the Marcellus Shale Formation is off to a rocky start — at least in parts of northern Pennsylvania.

Partnership backs gas drilling in Sullivan
Cochecton pursues moratorium

River Reporter
Narrowsburg, NY
June 19, 2008
by Fritz Mayer

WESTERN SULLIVAN COUNTY, NY — Like casinos before them, gas wells will either be the saviors of the county or its ruination, depending on who’s talking.

Land sought for gas riches

The Daily Star
May 22, 2008
by Tom Grace

Central New York may be sitting on one of the richest natural gas finds in the United States, and “landmen” are offering leases to area farmers and other property owners.

Otsego County won’t lease land to natural-gas driller

The Daily Star
May 2, 2007
by Tom Grace

COOPERSTOWN _ The Otsego County Board of Representatives will not vote today to lease county land to natural-gas drillers, although some local landowners may see drilling rigs on their properties this summer.

How Halliburton Technology is Wrecking the Rockies

NRDC onEarth
Summer 2006

Out on the western edge of Colorado, where the Rocky Mountains flatten into desert mesas and dusty canyons, there is a small town called Silt. Like the powdery soil beneath it, Silt seems a humble place, with a couple of gas stations, a couple of churches, and a town park offering shade from the persistent summer sun.

Western PA landowners regret deep gas wells deals
Gasses bubbling out of the ground and into drinking wells and ponds

The River Reporter

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