Video: No Fracking Way
          Uploaded on Aug 1, 2011 Kids dressed up like grownups who, unfortunately, are acting like misbehaving children. This video was conceived and directed by Blake Farber with additional footage from Dennis O’Clair and David Morris. Animations by Kimberly Louis. The song is written by Marc Black and performed by him along with John Sebastian, Eric Weissberg, Don Davis, Eric Parker, Mike Esposito and a hundred folks from Woodstock, NY singing along on the chorus.

        Frack this glass of water!
          2 minute video by Dissenta…Fracking had to be exempted from the Safe Drinking Water Act because it threatens drinking water. “Fracking” as a term in popular usage refers to all aspects of shale gas drilling, not just hydraulic…

        Natural Gas Exposed
          Water Defense Fund video. Series of one minute videos.

        Rally in Albany 9th Jan 2013 for Cuomo’s SOS
          C Ann Lawrence Video (2 Minutes) New Yorkers Against Fracking Almost 2000 people rally to demand Gov. Cuomo ban fracking in NYS — in Albany, NY.

        Rally to Stop Fracking in NY – Governor Cuomo’s – State of the State 2013
          Video: 3 minutes. Published by Environment TV

        Don’t Frack Me, Bro!
          Do you think Hydrofracking will be good for your community? THINK AGAIN! This process has destroyed the environment of EVERY place where it’s been done. Visit and find a group near you. GET INVOLVED!

        Rev. Billy at Gov. Cuomo’s State of the State 1/9/2013 Fuller Script
          Video: 4 minutes. Published by Environment TV

        Celebrities Ask President Obama: What the Frack?
          Americans Against Fracking, Food and Water Watch, Environment America hosted video–31 seconds.

        Video: On Faith and Fracking
          Faith leaders from across New York State talk about our role as guardians of the Creation, our responsibility to each other, and our obligation to future generations. 10 minutes April, 2013 by Doug Wood 3 minute video on the Dangers of Fracking
          Independently developed by Agit-Pop and available at, the 3 minute movie is geared to a general, fracking-innocent audience. It provides a sense of place/what’s at stake, a brief “fracking for dummies” animation narrated by “Tony Hayward” and a connection between the uncertainties of fracking in NY to how similar uncertainties played out in the Gulf, leading up to a challenge “Stand Up!”

        Video: On Faith & Fracking
          Faith leaders from across New York State talk about our role as stewards of the Earth and our obligation to future generations. (Video: 10:00)

        VIDEO: ‘Gasland’ Director Josh Fox Issues Call to Action
          “Gasland’ Director Josh Fox calls for Fracktivists everywhere to join the Tar Sands Action in Washington DC with this moving video. (4:39)

          5 Minute video Published Jun 23, 2013 of June 17th Albany rally

        Drill Baby Drill: Stop the Bribes/ Demand Clean Energy
          This two minute video highlights some political figures who supported drilling and accepted lobbying monies from the oil and gas industry.

        VIDEO: We Wanna Frackin’ Ban!
          Community Environmental Defense Council (Video 3:00) August 13, 2011.

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