LNG Exports

        H.R.1189 American Natural Gas Security and Consumer Protection Act
          Would require “NEPA REVIEW- The Secretary of Energy shall issue a detailed statement under … the National Environmental Policy Act … including … an analysis of the impacts of extraction of exported natural gas on the environment in communities where the natural gas is extracted. Introduced March 13, 2013 by Reps. Markey and Holt.

        H.R.1191 — Keep American Natural Gas Here Act
          To provide that the Secretary of the Interior may accept bids on any new oil and gas leases of Federal lands (including submerged lands) only from bidders certifying that all natural gas produced pursuant to such leases shall be offered for sale only in the United States, and for other purposes. Introduced March 14, 2013 by Reps. Markey and Holt

LNG Exports
        Proposed LNG Terminals
        The Case Against Exports
        Department of Energy Studies of LNG Exports
        Criticism of the NERA/DOE Report on the LNG Exports
        “Upstream” Impacts of LNG Exports
        Pending Federal Legislation That Would Limit LNG Exports
        Congressional Testimony on LNG Exports
        World Prices for LNG
        Investor’s Perspective