The Economics of Shale Gas Extraction

          U.S. Fossil Fuel Production Subsidies Under Obama by Oil Change International, July 2014.

        TOO BIG TO IGNORE: Subsidies to Fossil Fuel Master Limited Partnerships
          Fossil fuel firms – predominantly oil and gas – dominate a special category of business tax structures called “master limited partnerships,” or MLPs. The sector is the primary beneficiary of a narrow exemption created by Congress in 1987 when tax-exempt treatment of publicly-traded partnerships (PTPs) was largely ended. Prepared for Oil Change International by Doug Koplow, Earth Track, Inc. July, 2013

        A Review of Fossil Fuel Subsidies in Colorado, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Wyoming
          It’s not just the federal government that give handouts to the fossil fuel industry – the state also giveaway taxpayer money. Prepared by Doug Koplow and Cynthia Lin December 2012

        Perverse Incentives
          The Untold Story of Federal Subsidies to Fossil Fuels. A Powerpoint presentation by Robert Rejeski, Director, Program in Science and Innovation, Environmental Law Institute, Woodrow Wilson International Institue for Scholars. September 18, 2009.

The Economics of Shale Gas Extraction
        Economic Impact
        Gas Bubble:The Economics of Shale Gas Extraction
        Impact on Other Economic Sectors
        Industry-Funded Studies
        Industry Lobbying Expenditures
        Industry Influence on the Media
        Job Claims
        Job Creation: Fossil Fuels vs. Renewable Energy
        Real Estate, Insurance, Mortgages
        Risk Disclosure to Investors
        Tax Revenues Generated by Oil and Gas Wells (New York State)
        Taxpayer Subsidies