Vote Where It Counts

          A two-sided handout that on the law, FAQ’S and how to fill out a voter registration form.

        Country Vote “Vote where your heart is”
          A website with info on second home voting.

        Download a NYS voter registration form here.
          Enter your second home address on line 7 and your preferred mailing address on line 8. ? If you have occupied your second home for a total of 30 days, you are legally entitled to sign the Affidavit on the bottom right of the form. (The days of occupancy do not have to have been consecutive.) ? If you want to receive an absentee ballot, make sure you check the box on line 14. You will be asked to provide proof of residence so you may want to include a copy of a utility bill or your tax bill when you mail in your completed form.

Vote Where It Counts
        New Yorkers have the right to vote from their second homes.