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      Conflicts of Interest
        Conflicts of Interest in Land Use Decision-Making
          Elected and appointed officials involved in land use decision-making must not be tainted with prejudice when deciding on matters that come before them. Such prejudice exists when the individual finds herself with a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest arises when a public servant is in the position of deciding between public duty and private interests. By Gary D. Taylor, Iowa State University.

      Dealing with Drillers
        Dealing with Drillers
          Town of Lebanon Supervisor Jim Goldstein describes his experience dealing with natural gas corporations.

        Proposed Resolution
          This resolution is designed for Towns that wish to express their support for NYS legislation that would restore home rule and impose a moratorium on shale gas extraction until the EPA has concluded it’s study of fracking and drinking water safety.

        Proposed Resolution (Sullivan County Version)
          A version of the proposed resolution designed for use in Sullivan County.

        Request to Members of Sullivan County Town Councils
          Five citizens advocacy groups call on Sullivan County Town Councils to endorse a resolution calling for a statewide moratorium on hydraulic fracturing and independent scientific assessment of its safety.

        Resolution offered by five citizens advocacy groups
          Memorializing the Governor and the Legislature of the State of New York to place in effect a moratorium on hydrofracking, and requesting the Governor to pursue further independent scientific assessments to determine the risks associated with hydrofracking, and requesting Mr. Andrew Cuomo, Democratic Party candidate for Governor, to express his support of such moratorium

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