Environmental and Health Risks

        Chemicals used in Natural Gas Development and Delivery
          The Endocrine Disruption Exchange’s pioneering work on the health effects of the hundreds of chemicals used in fracking and other stages of natural gas production. (Click on “Chemicals and Natural Gas”.)

        Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracturing
          US House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce Minority Staff, April 2011

        Fracking Chemical Database
          SkyTruth maintains a database of chemicals that were reported by oil and gas drilling operators as being used in hydraulic fracturing operations. The database contains records for more than 27,000 frack operations from January 2011 through August 2012 in 24 US states.

        The Safety of Fracturing Fluids – A Quantitative Assessment
          In response to a FOIL request to New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation, the Committee to Preserve the Finger Lakes received a list of 48 toxic substances (as defined by the DEC or EPA) permitted for use to hydro-frack Marcellus Shale wells in New York State. By Steve Coffman, August 2009.

        Colorado’s Chemical Injection
          Oil and gas companies in Colorado are injecting wells with millions of gallons of unknown fluids that contain dozens of dangerous chemicals linked to respiratory, neurological, cardiovascular, immune, and other disorders, including cancer.

        Chemicals Used in Fracking an Ohio Well
          Material Safety Data Sheets and other inforMation on the chemicals used in fracking fluid.

Environmental and Health Risks
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