Enforcement Report: NYSDEC
          A 2012 Earthworks’ Oil & Gas Accountability Project report on NY DEC’s inability to adequately enforce oil and gas rules, which will harm New York’s public health, safety, and environment.

        Turning A Blind Eye to Illegal Pollution
          DEC’s Failing Record on Enforcing Environmental Laws by Environmental Advocates of New York, 2013

        Proposed LNG Regulations
        The Missing Drilling Regulations
        The DEC’s failure to regulate the oil and gas industry
        Collusion with the Gas Industry
        Evidence of High Volume Fracking in NYS
        FOILed Documents on New York’s Marcellus Wells
        The Case Against Division of Mineral Resources Director Bradely J. Field
        Scoping for the SGEIS
        The 2009 NYS Draft SGEIS
        Comments on the 2009 NYS Draft SGEIS