Well Information Summaries and Other Docs
          These documents, obtained under FOIL, indicate the high-volume hydraulic fracturing was underway in NYS as early as 2006. The 1992 GEIS discussed frack jobs of 20 to 80,000 gallons. The Frost F2 well was fracked with 640,550 gallons of fluid. Webster T-1 with 646,000 gallons, Beagall-2 with 336,924 gallons, Bender-1 with 270,000 gallons, WG-10 with 111,720 gallons, Maxwell with 436,000 gallons, McDaniels with 200,000 gallons, Bush with 600,000 gallons. There is also evidence that benzene, toluene and xylene were used in these fracking operations. See for example the Well Information Summary for the Calabro T-1 well.

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