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        New Resources

Community Organizing and Outreach

        Impact on Communities
        Organizing and Legal Tools
        Oppostion to Fracking
        Talking Points

Handout and Educational Tools

        Educational Tools

An Introduction to Shale Gas Extraction & Hydraulic Fracturing

        Investigative Reporting
        Essential Reading on Shale Gas Extraction
        Global Perspective
        The Marcellus Shale
        Shale Gas Extraction
        Maps of the Marcellus and Utica Shale
        Maps of Fault Lines in New York State
        Maps of Gas Wells in NYS and PA

Environmental and Health Risks

        Powerpoints and Videos
        Health Impacts
        Health Impacts – New York State
        Health Impacts – The Battlement Mesa Health Impact Assessment
        Health Impacts – Powerpoints & Videos
        Abandoned Wells
        Air Contamination
        Animal Health
        Brine Spreading
        Compressor Station Accidents
        Consumptive Water Use
        Cumulative Impact
        Drilling in Our Forests
        Farming & Food
        Frac Sand
        Fracking Fluid
        Human Rights
        Hunting and Fishing
        Infrastructure: Compressor Stations, Pipelines etc.
        Injection Wells
        Methan Emissions & Climate Change
        Methane Migration
        Pipeline Safety
        Public Lands and National Parks
        Produced Water
        Rail Transport
        Regulatory Issues
        Scientists Weigh In
        Social Impacts
        Soil Contamination
        Surface Effects
        Trucking and Road & Infrastructure Damage
        Violations and Enforcement
        Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
        Water Contamination
        Water Contamination Incidents
        Water Stress
        Well Integrity
        Dimock, Pennsylvania
        Brookfield, NY
        DISH, Texas
        Eagle Ford, Texas
        Franklin Forks, PA
        Le Roy, NY
        Parker County, TX
        Pavilion, WY

Air Monitoring, Water Testing and Best Management Practices

        Air Monitoring Practices
        Best Management Practices
        Water Monitoring and Water Testing
        Sesimic Testing

Infrastructure Projects: Pipelines, Compressor Stations, LNG Terminals etc.

        New Pipelines and Pipeline Expansions (Northeast)
        The Algonquin Pipeline Expansion
        Cayuga Power Plant Conversion to Natural Gas
        The Constitution Pipeline
        Cove Point
        Crestwood Midstream (Seneca Lake Gas Storage)
        Eastern System Upgrade
        The Hancock (Hungry Hill) Compressor Station
        The Highland Compressor Station
        Keystone XL
        The Millenium Pipeline
        The Minisink Compressor Station
        Northeast Energy Direct
        The Northeast Connector Project
        Port Ambrose, A proposed deepwater LNG port off Long Island
        The Rockaway Lateral
        Significant Pipeline Incidents
        Spectra Energy’s New Jersey – New York Pipeline Expansion
        LPG Storage Facility for the Town of Reading, Schuyler County, NY
        The Town of Windsor Compressor Station Expansion

LNG Exports

        Proposed LNG Terminals
        The Case Against Exports
        Department of Energy Studies of LNG Exports
        Criticism of the NERA/DOE Report on the LNG Exports
        “Upstream” Impacts of LNG Exports
        Pending Federal Legislation That Would Limit LNG Exports
        Congressional Testimony on LNG Exports
        World Prices for LNG
        Investor’s Perspective

The Trans Pacific Partnership & Other Trade Agreements

        “Fast Track” Authority
        The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
        The Trans Pacific Partnership
        Investor-State Tribunals

The Economics of Shale Gas Extraction

        Economic Impact
        Gas Bubble:The Economics of Shale Gas Extraction
        Impact on Other Economic Sectors
        Industry-Funded Studies
        Industry Lobbying Expenditures
        Industry Influence on the Media
        Job Claims
        Job Creation: Fossil Fuels vs. Renewable Energy
        Real Estate, Insurance, Mortgages
        Risk Disclosure to Investors
        Tax Revenues Generated by Oil and Gas Wells (New York State)
        Taxpayer Subsidies

Energy Forecasts

        Energy Forecasting
        Recoverable Shale Gas Reserves

Sustainable Alternatives

        Climate Action Plans
        Economics and Investment

The Federal Government

        Bureau of Land Management
        EPA: Chemical Disclosure
        EPA Study: Potential Relationships Between Hydraulic Fracturing and Drinking Water Resources
        EPA: Proposed Power Plant Rule
        EPA Publications
        Federal Policy
        Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
        Industry Exemptions From Our Most Important Environmental Laws
        Pending Federal Legislation
        Regulation and Enforcement
        The United States Coast Guard
        EPA: Evaluation of Impacts to Underground Sources of Drinking Water by Hydraulic Fracturing…


        Proposed LNG Regulations
        The Missing Drilling Regulations
        The DEC’s failure to regulate the oil and gas industry
        Collusion with the Gas Industry
        Evidence of High Volume Fracking in NYS
        FOILed Documents on New York’s Marcellus Wells
        The Case Against Division of Mineral Resources Director Bradely J. Field
        Scoping for the SGEIS
        The 2009 NYS Draft SGEIS
        Comments on the 2009 NYS Draft SGEIS

New York’s Revised Draft SGEIS

        The Draft SGEIS and Related DEC documents.
        Critiques of the Revised Draft SGEIS
        Comments on the Revised Draft SGEIS and Proposed Regulations
        Testimony Before the NYS Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee
        Proposed HVHF Regulations (2013)
        Comments on the Revised Draft SGEIS -VIdeos

New York State Laws and Pending Legislation

        NY State Laws & Regulations
        NYS Pending Legislation
        NY Legislation and Regulatons We Need to See
        Protecting the NYC Watershed

Home Rule and Municipal Control

        Home Rule (NYS)
        Home Rule -Powerpoints and Videos
        Planning for Fracking
        Legal Opinion
        The Takings Claim
        Local Ordinances
        Road Use
        Lawsuits: The Town of Dryden
        Lawsuits: The Town of Middlefield
        Related Case Law
        Comprehensive Plans
        The Town of Callicoon Draft Comprehensive Plan
        Sierra Club v Village of Painted Post

Leasing and Compulsory Integration

        NYS Compulsory Integration
        Gas Leasing
        Non disclosure Agreements

Vote Where It Counts

        New Yorkers have the right to vote from their second homes.


        Public Opinion Polls

Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy

        CCSE Updates

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC)

        The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC)

The Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC)

        The Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC)


        The Monterey Shale
        Offshore Drilling

Great Lakes

        Risk Assessments


        Risk Assessments




        State reports
        Impact Assessments


        Pending Legislation
        Municipal Control
        PA’s Non-existent Severence Tax
        PA Drilling Maps/Permits & Rig Activity
        Water Quality Impacts


        George Washington National Forest


        Environmental and Health Impacts

Eyewitness Accounts



        Technical Discussions on Drilling
        Living with Fracking
        News & Interviews
        Call to Action