Agreement Not to Lease Land on the Marcellus Shale for Hydrofracking

Please fill out the form below if you do not intend to lease your land in NY, PA, OH or WV on the Marcellus Shale.

I agree at this time not to lease my land for natural gas drilling using horizontal hydrofracking. Horizontal hydrofracking uses millions of gallons of water laced with chemicals, identified and not identified, to shatter the shale and obtain the natural gas. This process is a threat to the health and safety of area residents, subjects our drinking water resources, wells and aquifers to the risk of contamination and industrializes our rural community. Air pollution from increased diesel truck traffic and noise pollution from drilling and compressors are just a couple of the noxious adjuncts to hydrofracking. In not leasing my land I am protecting myself, my family, and my neighbors from the adverse effects of hydrofracking.

Please fill this form out once for each parcel you pledge not to lease. Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy and Keep Cochecton Green will not share your email or contact information.

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