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New York’s Revised Draft SGEIS

New York State’s plan for permitting high-volume hydraulic fracturing

DGEIS responses

An open source compendium of comments on the Draft SGEIS.


Hydro-Fracking Day of Action
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What do You Know About Hydraulic Fracturing?

Catskill Citizens has prepared a brochure for people who’ve never heard of fracking. It has already been sent to every household in Delaware, Sullivan and Ulster counties. If you’d like to partner with us in sending this to residents in other counties, contact [email protected]

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Reply to Saba and Orzechowski and Schon: Methane contamination of drinking water accompanying gaswell drilling and hydraulic
    Authors of Duke U. study respond to criticism of their study by PNAS , dated Sept 13, 2011

Balance Sheet for NYS: What is NYS’s Net Equity from Shale Gas Development?
    Jannette M. Barth, Ph.D., Jan 4, 2012

Sullivan County Comments on Draft Revised SGEIS
    Jan 11, 2012

A People’s Hearing on Gas Drilling–Saturday Jan 7, 2012
    SUNY-Delhi Nearly 16 minutes.

EPA Region 2 Comment on Draft Revised SGEIS Cover Letter
    Jan 11, 2012

EPA Region 2 Comments on Revised Draft SGEIS for Horizontal Drilling and High-Volume Fracturing to Develop the Marcellus Shale and Other Low-Permeability Gas Reserves
    Jan 11, 2012

Missing from the Table: Role of the Environmental Public Health Community in Governmental Advisory Commissions Related to Marcellus Shale Drilling
    Bernard D. Goldstein, Jill Kriesky, Barbara Pavliakova, Environmental Health Perspectives Study Jan 10, 2012

History of Oil and Gas Well Abandonment in New York
    by Ronald E. Bishop, Ph.D., C.H.O, Chemistry & Biochemistry Dept at SUNY College at Oneonta. Posted on Sustainable Otsego

Comments on NYS DEC SGEIS by Albert F. Appleton
    Appleton is former Commissioner of NYC Department of Environmental Protection

Environmental and Social Implications of Hydraulic Fracturing and Gas Drilling in the United States
    An Integrative Workshop for the Evaluation of the State of Science and Policy. 1 hour 12 minute video of Duke U. workshop. Jan 11, 2012 loaded on YouTube.

A Million Fracking Letters
    1:54 minute video on the many reasons New Yorkers are writing Gov. Andrew Cuomo and asking him to prohibit fracking in our state.

Above the Shale
    Open Space Institute/Urban Design Research Seminar, Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation, Columbia University. Advance exerpt from “Half Full? Water Futures in the Western Catskills” Posted Dec. 1, 2011

An Ohio Landowner’s Guide to Hydraulic Fracturing
    Harvard Law School Emmett Environmental Law and Policy Clinic June 16, 2011

Animation of Hydraulic fracturing explained by children
    Created by artist Brigitta Varadi in collaboration with Abbi (9) and Leah (12) Sweeney, Dr. Aidin McLoughlin and Janice Daly and uploaded 12/3/2011

Catskill Citizens Calls for an Extended Public Comment Period
    Economist Jannette Barth, Ph.D. calls on the DEC to extend the public comment period on the Draft SGEIS so New Yorkers have an opportunity to review the revised socioeconmic study that is now underway.

Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracturing
    US House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce Minority Staff, April 2011

Chloride Concentration Gradients in Tank-Stored Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids Following flowback
    Pamela J. Edwards, Linda L. Tracy, William K. Wilson; USDA/Forest Service and Northern Research Station research published July, 2011.

Comment to Revised dSGEIS on the Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Regulatory Program by NYC Bar Association
    8 page memo on ECL Sec. 23-0101 plus attachments dated Dec, 2011

Comments to Revised SGEIS by NYC Bar Assoc
    Dec, 2011

Considering Shale Gas Extraction in North Carolina: Lessons from Other States
    Discussion draft from Duke U. Environmental Law & Policy Forum Nov 2011

Cooperstown Holstein Corp. vs Middlefield Complaint
    Filed Sept 15, 2011

Critique of PPI Study on Shale Gas Job Creation by Jannette M. Barth, Ph.D.
    Jan 2, 2012 10 pp

Deep Drilling, Deep Pockets: Expenditures of the Natural Gas Industry in NY to Influence Public Policy
    Part III: Campaign Contributions Common Cause Report, Jan., 2012

Drilling Doublespeak: Gas Drillers Disclose Risks to Shareholders–But Not to Landowners
    Dusty Horwitt, J.D. Environmental Working Group Dec., 2011

EHRA: A Human Rights Assessment of Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas
    Enviornmental and Human Health Impacts Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing Operations. Dec. 12, 2011 Earthworks’ Oil and Gas Accountability Project

Executive Summary: Tompkins County Community Impact Assessment HVHF
    Prepared by Greenplan, Inc. dated Dec, 15, 2011 Identifies Community, Environmental & Economic Impacts

FEMA: National Flood Insurance Program–Interim Tehcnical Guidance on Drilling Oil and Gas Wells in Special Flood Hazard Areas
    Minimum drilling requirements for a permit to drill in Special Flood Hazard Areas. Posted Sept 16, 2011

Ground Up: Cultivating Sustainable Agriculture in the Catskill Region
    Columbia University Urban Design Research Seminar Spring 2010

Is Fracking an Answer? To What?
    Negative Population Growth, Inc Paper by Lindsey Grant Dec., 2011

Jacobi Map of Criss-Crossed Earthquake Faults
    Jacobi Basement Faults andSeismiity in the Appalachian Basin of NY

Jacobi Seismic Fault Maps of Conformed and Proposed Earthquake Faults
    Maps by RD Jacobi, 2002, Basement Faults and Seismicity in the Appalachian Basin of NY State

Letter to EPA Urging Adoption of Strongest Possible Standards to Reduce Harmful Emissions
    American Lung Assoc., American Public Health Assoc., American Thoracic Society, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Trust for America’s Health Dated Nov 30, 2011

Letter to Gov Cuomo et al re: Cancer Risk from Fracking
    Dec 12, 2011 Principal signatories: Sandra Steingraber, Lois Gibbs, Adelaide P. Gomer, Fran Drescher and 19 cancer organizations

Local Jurisdiction over Gas Drilling: Memorandum to Town of Middletown
    Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC May 12, 2011

Mapped Geologic Faults in New York State
    Alpha Geoscience dSGEIS 9/30/2009 Page 4-26

New York debates merits of fracking
    The US state of New York is considering whether to go ahead with a controversial form of gas drilling. Al Jazeera’s Kristen Saloomey reports from New York’s Otsego County. Uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish. 6 minutes video

NY1 Online: Inside City Hall Debates Hydrofracking
    NY1 VIDEO: Inside City Hall’s Errol Louis discusses the issue of hydrofracking in New York with two supporters of the drilling—Arthur “Jerry” Kremer, a former state assemblyman who is with the New York Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance, and Ross Pepe, president of the Construction Industry Council and Building Contractors Association—and two opponents: ecologist and author Sandra Steingraber and economist Jannette Barth of J.M. Barth and Associates.

NYC is NOT Protected! Why NYC Needs a Statewide Ban on Fracking
    Food & Water Watch Fact Sheet Nov. 2011

Pipe Dreams? Jobs Gained, Jobs Lost by the Construction of Keystone XL
    Report by Cornell University Global Labor Institute Sept, 2011

Scientific Solutions: Impacts of Gas Drilling on Human and Animal Health
    Michelle Bamberger and Robert E. Oswald New Solutions, Vol. 22(1) 51-77, 2012

Shale Gas in British Columbia: Risks to B.C.’s climate action objectives
    Sept, 2011 Report by Matt Horne of Pembina Institute, a national non-profit think tank that advances sustainable energy solutions. 31 pages

Shale Gas in British Columbia: Risks to B.C.’s water resources
    Sept, 2011 Report by Karen Cambpell and Matt Horne from Pembina Institute, a national non-profit think tank that advances sustainable energy solutions. 32 pages

Shale Play Natural Gas Drilling In Pennsylvania
    A reporting project of local public media and NPR. Use this tool to learn which operators are drilling and where.

Some Scientific Failings with the Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Statement
    Statement submitted to the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation by Robert W. Howarth, Ph.D, Cornell U. Nov 30, 2011

Technical Justification in Support of Requiring Cabot to Immediately Resume Water Deliveries to Adversely Impacted Residents of Dimock, PA
    Hydroquest President Paul Rubin press release dated Dec 6, 2011.

The Case for a Moratorium on Drilling the Marcellus Shale in PA by Stephen Cleghorn
    1 hour presentation from an organic farmer in western PA assembles the case for a moratorium on unconventiaonal drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale. Posted Dec. 5, 2011.

The Courts and the Lawyers Agree…Towns Can Zone Out Fracking!
    2 page summary of current NYS legal precedent on zoning. Posted by CCSE 12/14/2011

The Economic Impact of Tourism for New York
    Calendar 2010 Reports for: Adirondacks, Capital-Saratoga, Catskills, Central NY, Chautauqua-Allegheny, Finger Lakes, Great Niagara, Hudson Valley, Long Island, New York City, and Thousand Islands by Oxford Economics Company

The Economic Impact of Tourism in New York — Long Island Focus
    2010 Calendar Year Report for Long Island by Oxford Economics Co.

The Economic Impact of Tourism in New York — Adirondacks Focus
    2010 Calendar Year Report for the Adirondacks by Oxford Economics Co.

The Economic Impact of Tourism in New York — Capital-Saratoga Focus
    2010 Calendar Year Report for Capital-Saratoga by Oxford Economics Co.

The Economic Impact of Tourism in New York — Catskills
    2010 Calendar Year Catskills Focus report from Oxford Economics Co.

The Economic Impact of Tourism in New York — Finger Lakes Focus
    2010 Calendar Year report on the Finger Lakes from Oxford Economics Co.

the Economic Impact of Tourism in New York — Greater Niagara Focus
    2010 Calendar Year report for Greater Niagara by Oxford Economics Co.

The Economic Impact of Tourism in New York — Hudson Valley
    2010 Calendar Year Report for Hudson Valley by Oxford Economics Co.

The Economic Impact of Tourism in New York — New York City
    2010 Calendar Year report NYC Focus by Oxford Economics Co.

The Economic Impact of Tourism in New York Central NY Focus
    2010 Calendar Year Report for Central NY by Oxford Economics Co.

The Economic Impact of Tourism in New York –Chautauqua-Allegheny Focus
    2010 Calendar Year Report for Chautauqua-Allegheny by Oxford Economics Co.

The Economic Impact of Tourism in New York Thousand Islands Focus
    2010 Calendar Year Report for Thousand Islands by Oxford Economics Co.

The Economic Value of Shale Natural Gas in Ohio
    Amanda L. Weinstein and Dr. Mark D. Partridge (Dept of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics of Ohio State U.) 38 page report dated Dec, 2011

Thomas P. DiNapoli, NYS Comptroller Comments on the SGEIS
    Dec, 2011 Letter to Joe Martens, DEC Commissioner

Toward a Sustainable Future for the U.S. Power Sector: Beyond Business as Usual 2011
    Civil Society Institute Nov 16, 2011

Town of Tusten Zoning Law–Final Draft Article 14
    Article 14 prohibited uses includes certain activities including Natural Gas Exploration Activities. Posted Dec, 2011

Why the Water Industry is Promoting Shale Gas Development
    Dec., 2011 Food & Water Watch 5 pages

You Hired WHO? Smart Growth Strategies for Natural Gas Employers
    Powerpoint presentation by Stpetoe & Johnson

Public Comments on Hydraulic Fracturing Department of Energy
    Written Public Comments on Hydraulic Fracturing Received by the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board Subcommittee on Natural Gas published 7/21/2022 15 pages

The SEAB Shale Gas Production Subcommittee 90 Day Report
    August 11, 2011 Report from Department of Energy Energy Advisory Board 41 pages

A Legal Plan to Control Drilling
    “There is no question that exclusion of industrial uses is a proper and legitimate use of land-use laws.” By David Slottje, Esq.and Helen Holden Slottje , Esq., 2009.

Hydrofracking in New York: A Brief Overview
    Article by Young/Sommer LLC Attorneys at Law written by James A. Muscato II and Elizabeth M. Morss and posted Oct 13, 2011

SEAB: Shale Gas Production Subcommittee 2nd 90 Day Report
    Nov 18, 2011

Introduction to Injection Wells
    International School of Well Drilling continuing education program 27 page discussion paper on injection wells.

Natural Gas Company Propaganda is BULL S*!T! The Ironic News Report Calls Them Out!
    The fossil fuel industry has left out a few details in their informational video about the process of drilling for natural gas. Comedian Julianna Forlano fills in the gaps in this special edition of The Ironic News Report. Oct 8, 2011 7 minute video

“How Can They Do This?”
    Sept 8, 2011 posted video from Berry Tales Excerpt Vol 3. 7:57 minute “Berry Tales” are real, first-hand accounts of how residents of Gardendale, TX have been treated by Berry Oil and their ‘landman’ representative, Gray Surface Specialties. This segment was excerpted…

Take The Pledge – Sign an Agreement to NOT lease your land!

Sign an agreement not to lease your land for natural gas drilling using High Volume Horizontal Hydrofracture.

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WellWatch is a web site that allows citizens to better cope with natural gas facilities on their properties or in their communities. It allows them to find out information about companies or wells, and to record notes or complaints about facilities and enter them into the public record.

EPA Tip Line

Report suspicious drilling activities
to the EPA

If you see suspicious activity, such as possibly unauthorized water withdrawals, illegal wastewater dumping, or other questionable activity, call the EPA’s Eyes on Drilling line at 1-877-919-4372 (toll free), or send a message to [email protected].

If an emergency is observed related to a well drilling operation, call the National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802.

NY DEC Tip Line

In New York State you can also contact the DEC at

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Speak Up!

Tell President Barack Obama how you feel about federal exemptions from the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act for gas drilling companies.

Energy & Environment — Of the People, By the People

Sullivan County
Town Meeting Schedules

Welcome to Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy

Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy is an all volunteer grassroots organization working to prohibit dangerous hydraulic fracturing (fracking) since 2008.

10,396!  That is the number of public comment letters we submitted to the DEC on your behalf. Heartfelt thanks to all of you who helped with this effort. 

Catskill Citizens members, from left to right, Carolyn Duke, Jill Wiener, Ann Finneran, Laurie McFadden, Roy Tedoff and Bruce Ferguson. Photograph by Dana Duke. 

2011 and 2012

No Frack!By any measure, 2011 was a year of real progress in New York State.  The tireless works of thousands of fractivists resulted in an unprecedented degree of public awareness and vastly expanded news coverage.  A recent Time Magazine article hailed Tony Ingraffea, Bob Howarth and Mark Ruffalo as “People Who Mattered”, and called fracking the “biggest environmental issue” of the year.

Meanwhile, the industry’s multimillion dollar ad campaign to sell fracking to New Yorkers is going nowhere.   Statewide polls continue to show that most people who become aware of fracking oppose it, and regional polls demonstrate that there is overwhelming opposition in the communities that sit atop the shale.   Town after town has enacted zoning prohibitions and moratoriums that will prohibit fracking.   

As the statewide anti-fracking movement enters its fifth year, Catskill Citizens has set its sights on three critical goals.

  • Protect and Build on Gains at the Local Level
  • Block State Funding for Fracking
  • Build Support for a Permanent Ban

Support Home Rule                   

Municipal anti-fracking movements map

Map by Karen Edelstein 

The move to enact local prohibitions against fracking was a major success story in 2011.  More than a dozen towns have already banned fracking, dozens more have enacted moratoriums, and many more are considering similar actions.   Expanding on, and protecting, these gains must be one of our top priorities in 2012.  

While most lawyers agree that municipalities have the right to zone out fracking, the law is vague – vague enough for the gas industry to try to overturn local ordinances in court. Two towns (Dryden and Middlefield) are already being sued, and the fear of lawsuits prevents many other towns from taking action.  


We expect New York’s highest court will eventually uphold the rights of towns to zone out fracking, but it would be a serious setback if unfavorable lower court decisions overturned the zoning prohibitions already in place and halted the rapidly expanding effort to ban drilling at the local level. Areas now off limits would be reopened to fracking, the movement would be disheartened, and the activists who persuaded their communities to enact ordinances would be discredited.   We cannot afford to let this happen.

Fortunately there’s a bill in the legislature that clarifies the right to zone out fracking – and it appears to have enough Republican and Democratic support to be enacted.   “Home rule” is guaranteed by the state constitution, and the concept has broad appeal across the ideological spectrum; even Governor Cuomo may be loath to force fracking on communities that have acted out of a concern for public safety and to preserve the character of their towns.   

The Budget Option:  No way around it, fracking will cost New York taxpayers millions in upfront costs.  It’s estimated that the DEC itself will need $20 million to begin to ramp up for shale gas extraction, and the Department of Transportation estimates road and bridge repair could cost taxpayers almost $400 million a year.  

So what would happen if the legislature simply refused to fund fracking?   This intriguing plan was outlined by Sierra Atlantic’s Roger Downs in testimony before a legislative committee last fall.   The beauty of a “budget ban” is that is it can be accomplished without the cooperation of either Governor Cuomo or the Republican-controlled Senate.   The (somewhat) more progressive Assembly can singlehandedly block fracking by refusing to pass a budget that includes the funds the state will need for fracking. 

What about a Legislative Prohibition? 
While we’d all loved to see an immediate permanent prohibition on fracking in New York State (and elsewhere), we don’t think one can be enacted in the short-term.   To get a ban bill through the Senate, it will have to have Republican support that has yet to materialize.  

But the current de facto moratorium may give us the time we need to build support for a legislative ban.  In recent weeks DEC Commissioner Joe Martens made conflicting statements about when his department will be able to issue permits for high-volume fracking.   First he suggested it wouldn’t be able to move ahead in 2012, but more recently he said permitting could begin in “late spring”.  Given the fact that the department is legally obligated to read and address the still uncounted tens of thousands of public comments it will receive on the Draft SGEIS, we consider the late spring estimate unrealistic – we think procedural delays are likely to hold up fracking throughout next year. 

That means we may have time to build popular support for a ban.   While public awareness is growing every day, millions of New Yorkers still haven’t heard a thing about fracking, and we have to change that – we can’t expect our politicians to stand up to the gas industry until the majority of New Yorkers demand they do so.

Save the date! January 23rd will be a statewide day of action. Citizens from across the state will be gathering in Albany to rally and meet with our legislators. For details on transportation, and to sign up to speak with lawmakers, click here.


"The public is entitled to read, and comment on, a complete and competent socioeconomic report - even if that means that the DEC must extend the public comment period on the revised Draft SGEIS (Draft SGEIS)." That was economist Jannette Barth responding to reports that NYS DEC Commissioner Joe Martens publicly criticized the socioeconomic portion of the revised Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement prepared by the outside consulting firm, Ecology & Environment, and called for portions of it to be rewritten. Commissioner Martens called E&E;'s work "a little thin" and ordered the firm to improve its analysis of issues such as housing and emergency response.

Dr. Barth also said E&E; may not be qualified to do a proper job, and that "a comprehensive economic assessment would be an expensive research endeavor and would require a team of qualified experts, each with specific expertise."

With the public comment period on the Draft due to end on January 11th it's not clear how, or even if, the public will have an opportunity to review E&E;'s revised report.

Dr. Barth called for an extended public comment period in a letter she sent to Commissioner Martens on behalf of Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy, a volunteer, grassroots organization of which she is a member. The letter was cosigned by more than one hundred others, including State Senator Liz Krueger, Assembly Members Robert J. Castelli and Barbara Lifton, and representatives of more than sixty non-governmental organizations. Also signing on were Cornell University economists Edward C. Kokkelenberg, Ph.D. and Timothy Mount, Ph.D. who recently joined Dr. Barth in writing to Governor Cuomo about the serious deficiencies in the E&E; report.

*Dr. Jannette Barth’s letter to Commissioner Martens *

*Economists Barth, Kokkelenberg and Mount’s December 14th letter to Governor Cuomo *

Tell the Cuomo Administration to stop trying to push fracking down the throats of rural New Yorkers. It’s time to withdraw the Draft SGEIS and prohibit high-volume hydraulic fracturing.

Sabrina Artel’s Trailer Talk documents the tells the story of the Marcellus Shale “play” in our region.

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Jan 12, 2012
Moravia residents pack forum on fracking
Auburn Pub

MORAVIA — Nothing seems to draw a town together like hydrofracking. And with nearly 200 people present at its Wednesday event, Moravia’s town forum on fracking was no exception. Before the 7 p.m. meeting started, cars crowded into the Moravia Volunteer Fire Company’s parking lot, filling every g…  [Full Story]

Jan 11, 2012
N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo Sidesteps Natural Gas Hydrofracking Controversies
DC Bureau
Peter Mantius

ALBANY, N.Y. — Ignoring taunts from anti-hydrofracking protestors marching outside, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered a nearly hour-long State of the State address to lawmakers Jan. 4 without mentioning the hot-button gas drilling technique. In his speech, the governor skipped over a section o…  [Full Story]

Jan 11, 2012
Draft SGEIS Comments from American Lung Association
American Lung Association
Jeffrey Seyler CEO

Dear Commissioner Martens: The American Lung Association in New York is pleased to offer comments on the Revised Draft of the Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement On The Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Regulatory Program in New York (dSGEIS). We urge the New York State Department of Env…  [Full Story]

Jan 11, 2012
A Deadline for Fracking Comments
The New York Times

As if the recent series of hearings and the invitation for written comments from the public were not enough, contingents from both sides of the fracking issue in New York State organized rallies and press conferences this week in anticipation of the close of the comment period on the state’s propose…  [Full Story]

Jan 11, 2012
Both sides of natural gas debate agree: DEC’s fracking review is flawed
Press Connects
Jon Campbell

ALBANY — A top gas-industry trade group and environmental lobbyists on Wednesday offered biting criticism of the state’s review of hydraulic fracturing, as a four-month public comment period came to a close at midnight. The Department of Environmental Conservation was bombarded Wednesday with hu…  [Full Story]

Jan 11, 2012
Polamalu’s Gasland Post Leads To Facebook Frenzy
NPR- State Impact
Scott Detrow

Steel­ers safety Troy Pola­malu recently learned what we here at StateIm­pact have known for a long time: the issue of nat­ural gas drilling sparks pas­sion­ate debate. The Post-Gazette recounts what hap­pened last month, when Pola­malu listed the anti-fracking doc­u­men­tary “Gasland” as one of …  [Full Story]

Jan 11, 2012
7 charged with corruption over shale gas in Poland
The Intelligencer
Associated Press

Seven people, including government officials, have been charged with corruption during the granting of licenses for shale gas exploration in Poland, a spokesman for prosecutors said Wednesday. Waldemar Tyl of the Warsaw Appeals Prosecutor’s Office, who announced the charges, said bribes of tens o…  [Full Story]

Jan 11, 2012
Shale Gas Bubble: Bloomberg News Confirms NY Times Finding That Fracking Boom Is a Bust
Brendan DeMelle

As news outlets across America take a more rigorous look at shale gas and fracking issues, it’s encouraging to see how the media coverage is finally starting to cut through the oil industry’s misleading rhetoric to explore the realities of the myth of gas as a viable ‘bridge fuel.’ The gas indust…  [Full Story]

Jan 11, 2012
A Mining Law Whose Time Has Passed
New York Times

IN 1872, President Ulysses S. Grant signed a mining law to spur the development of the West by giving hard-rock mining precedence over other uses of federal land. But the law has long since outlived its purpose, and its environmental consequences have been severe. Mining claims for copper, gold, …  [Full Story]

Jan 11, 2012
Super fracking goes deeper to pump up production
Fuel Fix

As regulators and environmentalists study whether hydraulic fracturing can damage the environment, industry scientists are studying ways to create longer, deeper cracks in the earth to release more oil and natural gas. Energy companies are focused on boosting production and lowering costs associ…  [Full Story]

Jan 10, 2012
Gas drilling linked to health problems

EXPOSURE to gas drilling operations is strongly linked to serious health problems in humans, pets, livestock and other animals, a new US study has found. Australian environmentalists say the study shows the need for caution in opening the country up to coal seam gas (CSG) extraction. Unive…  [Full Story]

Jan 10, 2012
Drilling Critics Face a Divide Over the Goal of Their Fight
The New York Times
Peter Applebome

With a deadline looming this week for the public to weigh in on gas drilling in New York State, the antifracking movement itself has become divided over what its goal should be: securing the nation’s toughest regulations, or winning an outright ban? The question is pitting brand-name organizatio…  [Full Story]

Jan 10, 2012
Study needed on shale gas effects on health: group
Yahoo! News
Ayesha Rascoe, Reuters

ARLINGTON, Virginia (Reuters) – The public health effects of shale gas development need to be rigorously studied as production rapidly spreads in the United States, public health professionals and advocates said on Monday. Advances in the hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, drilling technique have…  [Full Story]

Jan 10, 2012
One More Day to Act: Gas Drilling May Begin in New York Soon
Sabrina Artel

Drilling could start as soon as this spring in New York State. Wednesday, January 11 is the deadline for public comments to the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) on the draft of the SGEIS that would provide the guidelines for industrial gas drilling and fracking throughout the state. Dr…  [Full Story]

Jan 10, 2012
Environmental Coalition Concludes New York State DEC’s Fracking Proposal Too Fatally Flawed to Move Forward
Common Dreams
Press Release

WASHINGTON – January 10 – Catskill Mountainkeeper, Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Earthjustice, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and Riverkeeper, Inc. announced today that, after extensive evaluation and technical expert review, they have concluded that the state must go back and revisit sig…  [Full Story]

Jan 10, 2012
DEP head calls EPA knowledge of Dimock ‘rudimentary’
The Times Tribune
Laura Legere

Federal regulators have only a “rudimentary” understanding of the facts and history of gas drilling’s impact on water supplies in Dimock Twp., Pennsylvania’s head environmental regulator wrote in a letter Thursday as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considered beginning its own sampling of…  [Full Story]

Jan 10, 2012
Dimock, Pennsylvania Fracking Rollercoaster Continues As Health Experts Push EPA
Huffington Post
Joanna Zelman

Dimock, Pennsylvania residents may be on the least fun roller-coaster ride ever. For nearly three years, 11 families with tainted water wells in the small town received daily deliveries of bulk and bottled water from Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. The natural gas company began arranging for the water…  [Full Story]

Jan 10, 2012
Polamalu praises ‘Gasland’ on Facebook, sets off fractious debate
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Erich Schwartzel

Troy Polamalu learned last month that there are topics even more controversial than the defense’s performance in Sunday night’s playoff game against the Denver Broncos. The Steelers strong safety maintains a popular Twitter and Facebook account that sends out movie recommendations every week, i…  [Full Story]

Jan 10, 2012
Methane found in More PA Wells
Marcellus Effect

This past August methane was found in three private water wells in Lenox Township, located about 10 miles east of Dimock, PA. Investigators from the PA Department of Environmental Protection determined that the gas migrated from a flawed well drilled by Cabot Oil and Gas Corp. Local news repo…  [Full Story]

Jan 10, 2012
Missing from the Table: Role of the Environmental Public Health Community in Governmental Advisory Commissions Related to Marcellus Shale Drilling
Environmental Health Perspectives
Bernard D. Goldstein, Jill Kriesky, Barbara Pavliakova

Objectives: We review the extent to which advisory committees formed in 2011 by the US Department of Energy and the states of Maryland and Pennsylvania contain individuals with expertise pertinent to human environmental public health. We also analyze the extent to which human health issues are of co…  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
Hinchey Urges Withdrawal of dSGEIS
Press Release
Maurice Hinchey

Congressman Lists 10 Problems with Regulations Washington, DC – Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) today urged Governor Andrew Cuomo to withdraw the revised draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (dSGEIS) on high-volume horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing in the Marcel…  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
Fracking Moratorium Urged as Doctors Call for Health Study
Alex Wayne

Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. should declare a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for natural gas in populated areas until the health effects are better understood, doctors said at a conference on the drilling process. Gas producers should set up a foundation to finance studies on fracking and i…  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
Fracking and the menace of methane
Lisa Sorg

If anyone in the General Assembly listened to the scientists at the hydraulic fracturing workshop at Duke University today, then any pro-fracking legislation should be dead in North Carolina. That’s not a given: Last week, the GOP-led majority threatened a midnight override to Gov. Perdue’s veto of …  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
Fracking visualized in maps
Livingston County News
Howard W. Appell

Recently-graduated SUNY Geneseo geography major Ben Wunder’s interest in hydrofracking can probably be attributed to a gas well behind his Owego home. Horizontal drilling was undertaken there, although this was not a hydrofracking well and did not penetrate the Marcellus shale layer. Still, th…  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
More Than 50 New Jersey Groups Urge Override of Christie Fracking Veto New evidence of water contamination renews call for ban on fracking

A broad coalition of more than 50 environmental, faith, labor, student and consumer organizations representing hundreds of thousands of New Jersey residents renewed their call for a ban on fracking in New Jersey by submitting a letter to New Jersey Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney asking him to h…  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
Opponents of fracking want full disclosure
Times Live

Treasure the Karoo Action Group will apply to the Pretoria High Court today for an order compelling Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu to reveal more about the team she set up last year to assess hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”). Save & Share Email Print …  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
18,000 weigh in on fracking Deadline nears for comments on proposed DEC regulations
Corning Leader
Derrick Ek

Corning, N.Y. — The state Department of Environ-mental Conservation has received 18,100 written comments so far on the latest draft of its new regulations for shale gas drilling, DEC spokeswoman Emily DeSantis said Thursday. The comment period began in early September and will close Wednes…  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
Hinchey urges governor to can DSGEIS on fracking
Mid-Hudson News

WASHINGTON – Congressman Maurice Hinchey Monday urged Governor Cuomo to withdraw the revised draft supplemental generic environmental impact statement on hydro-fracking in the Marcellus Shale and other areas in the state. Hinchey, like many environmental groups, believes the document does not go …  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
Doctors urge moratorium on “fracking”

The U.S. should declare a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing (aka “fracking”) of natural gas in populated areas until the health effects are better understood, doctors said at a conference on the well-completion process used to stimulate natural gas and oil production.   [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
EnCana asks EPA to ‘suspend’ comment period on Pavillion fracking report

EnCana Oil & Gas USA has asked the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Research & Development to “suspend” the current public comment period on EPA Region 8’s “Pavillion Report,” which was released to the public on December 8 and implicated hydraulic fracturing as a likely contributor to con…  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
Fracking, Keystone XL, Mountaintop Removal and More Fracks in the Foundation
Counter Punch
Stephanie Penn Spear

On Jan. 10 at 1 p.m. on the west lawn of the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio, concerned citizens from all over the state will gather to ask Gov. Kasich to impose an indefinite moratorium on Ohio’s oil and gas wastewater injection well sites and the natural gas extraction process that has become we…  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
Derry screening for Sundance-awarded fracking documentary
Derry Journal

Derry’s Nerve Centre will screen a free showing of the Sundance award-winning documentary film ‘Gasland’ this coming Thursday, January 12, at 7pm. The film, which won the 2010 Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize, explores the culture of “fracking”, which has become a growing concern in Ir…  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
Experts: Earthquakes are tied to natural gas drilling
Power Engineering

Geological experts say earthquakes in Ohio and Oklahoma are directly tied to deep wells used to dispose of liquid wastes for hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, of natural gas. The experts also said they expect more earthquakes to occur as drilling expands across the U.S., according to MSN…  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
DEP: Cabot drilling caused methane in Lenox water wells
Scranton Times-Tribune
Laura Legere

Methane in three private water wells in Lenox Twp. seeped there from a flawed natural gas well drilled by Cabot Oil & Gas Corp., state environmental regulators have found. An investigation by the Department of Environmental Protection determined that the gas migrated from at least one of three M…  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
Federal Water Tap, January 9: The EPA and Natural Gas
Circle of Blue

EPA in Court Landowner rights and government power are in the docket Monday. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in Sackett v. Environmental Protection Agency, a case that stems from an EPA determination that an Idaho couple was building their home in a wetland. The agency ordered the Sacke…  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
Report: Pa. data missing nearly 500 gas wells
Press Connects

PITTSBURGH (AP) – Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection undercounted the number of wells producing gas from the Marcellus Shale, frustrating industry, environmental groups, and elected officials, according to a newspaper report. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that an analysi…  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy
Press Release

Industry Called Upon to Set Up Foundation to Conduct Needed, Independent Research WASHINGTON, D.C. – January 9, 2012 – Leading U.S. medical experts urged today that the rapid expansion of unconventional natural gas drilling (known as “hydro fracking”) for natural gas extraction be paused so …  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
EPA Still Evaluating Whether To Send Water To Dimock
NPR- State Impact
Scott Detrow

A spokesman for the Envi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Agency tells WHYY’s News­works the EPA has “not made a deci­sion” on whether or not to deliver water to res­i­dents of Dimock, Susque­hanna County, whose water wells have been impacted by methane migration. “We’re eval­u­at­ing next steps includ­i…  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
U.S. Shale Bubble Inflates After Near-Record Prices for Untested Fields
Joe Carroll and Jim Polson

Surging prices for oil and natural- gas shales, in at least one case rising 10-fold in five weeks, are raising concern of a bubble as valuations of drilling acreage approach the peak set before the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. Chinese, French and Japanese energy explorers committed …  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
Methane found in More PA Wells
citizensvoice .com
Laura Legere

Methane in three private water wells in Lenox Township seeped there from a flawed natural gas well drilled by Cabot Oil and Gas Corp., state environmental regulators have found. An investigation by the Department of Environmental Protection determined that the gas migrated from at least one of th…  [Full Story]

Jan 9, 2012
Fracking on Shaky Ground: How Our Latest Fossil Fuel Addiction Is Linked to Earthquakes
Scott Thill

To what should be the surprise of no one, earthquakes caused by the junkie gas sector’s hydraulic fracturing process, known as fracking, have been cropping up like Freud’s repressed. The latest ominously arrived in Republican-dominated Ohio on New Year’s Eve, quickly prompting Youngstown’s mayor to …  [Full Story]

Jan 8, 2012
Idaho to get new natural gas player: Bridge Resources is supposed to close on its sale this week, but questions remain about what the buyer will get.
Idaho Stateman
Rocky Barker

A year ago, an executive from Bridge Resources Corp. said that in 2011 natural gas could be flowing from its wells into the Williams Pipeline. This week, the company that discovered commercial quantities of natural gas in Idaho is expected to sell off its assets near New Plymouth — and that gas i…  [Full Story]

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