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Like a monster in a cheesy horror movie, the plan to build a giant LNG terminal off New Jersey and Long Island is rising from the dead. Liberty LNG is once again seeking federal approval to build an offshore terminal, even though Governor Christie vetoed a similar application in 2011 and later made it clear that his veto also applies to the new, amended application as well. The project, now named “Port Ambrose” and relocated closer to Long Island, would, in the governor’s words, “present unacceptable and substantial risks to the State’s residents, natural resources, economy and security”.

The corporate website claims that Port Ambrose would be used import gas from Trinidad and Tobago, but the actual notification of application doesn’t mention imports, or the fact that recent changes in federal law now make it easier to convert gas import terminals into gas export terminals. At a time when the gas industry is hellbent on exporting almost half of America’s gas supply to Europe and Asia, it’s hard to believe that the sponsor’s real intent isn’t to use Port Ambrose to ship Marcellus Shale gas overseas. If this is the case, then the project is not only a threat to the millions of Americans who live near the shore, it’s also threatens millions more who live “on the shale”.

Although an LNG terminal could impact the region for decades to come, the Maritime Administration intends to close the public comment period on July 14th, just one month after the notice of application was published and it’s scheduling only two public meetings the minimum allowed by law. (See our homepage for details on these meetings.)


Another destructive and unnecessary infrastructure project

It’s official. On June 13th, the corporate consortium behind the “unconstitutional” pipeline applied for a federal certification of “public convenience and necessity”. In fact, the proposed 121-mile pipeline that would cut through the Catskills and the Southern Tier is both inconvenient and unnecessary. It will use eminent domain to seize land from property owners, cross sensitive wetlands, fragment wildlife habitats, scar the landscape and entail the construction of compressor stations which will pollute the air with toxic emissions. It is also certain to create additional pressure to open New York State to fracking.

New York doesn’t need the pipeline, or the radioactive shale gas it will deliver to our homes. Please go to Stop the Pipeline and take a few simple steps to block this disastrous project while there’s still time.


Last week the New York State legislature adjourned for the summer having once again failed to pass a single piece of legislation to protect the public from fracking. The Assembly did pass a few good bills – one would have closed the hazardous waste loophole enjoyed by the gas industry, while another would have mandated a health impact assessment of high-volume fracking – but both these measures died in the sinkhole known as the NYS Senate. Since quickly enacting two industry-backed bills that paved the way for high volume fracking, the Senate has done nothing to rein in the gas industry.

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