By all accounts Governor Cuomo is putting the finishing touches on his plans to frack New York, and at this point he’s doing it virtually alone. He has already made it clear that he doesn’t want the public, the legislature or health care professionals engaged in the process, and now we hear that he’s also taken the matter out of the hands of the DEC.

Despite the secrecy surrounding the process, blogger Tom Wilber recently reported some disturbing details of Cuomo’s plan including:

  • The DEC, which has had its staff slashed in recent years, won’t hire additional personnel to handle the increased workload that will come with fracking the Marcellus.

  • There won’t be a public health impact assessment before fracking gets underway.

  • The Cuomo Administration will take the position that the state legislature cannot close the hazardous waste loophole because a federal exemption trumps state law.

You can read Wilber’s entire post here.

Tell Governor Cuomo Don’t Frack New York!   TAKE ACTION!


If Cuomo opens New York to fracking, that won’t be the end of public opposition, it will just mark the beginning of a new phase – one where lawsuits, direct action and non-violent civil disobedience will play important roles.

We had a glimpse of the future earlier this month when two hundred activists turned out in Horseheads, New York to temporarily block the entrance to the Schlumberger facility that supports fracking operations in Pennsylvania. Area residents complain that the plant is a source of noise and light pollution, and that it contaminates the air with silica dust, which can cause respiratory disease.


There will be three major anti-fracking events in three different cities in the weeks ahead.

  • New York City: RALLY Wednesday, August 22nd at 12:30 PM
  • Rally outside the Sheraton Hotel where Governor Cuomo will be holding a policy summit. 811 Seventh Avenue. Click here to sign up.

  • Syracuse: SEE YOU AT THE FAIR Thursday August 23rd from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Confront Governor Cuomo when he officially opens the New York State Fair. Sign up to participate here.

  • Albany: DON’T FRACK NEW YORK! Monday August 27th at 11:00AM

    Sign up here for the march and rally. Click here to pledge resistance. (Even if you can’t make the Albany rally, you can pledge resistance online, and your pledge will be delivered to Governor Cuomo.)

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