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10,396 THANK YOUS!

Last week marked the end of the public comment period on the DEC’s plan to frack New York.   In all, the department received tens of thousands of letters from concerned citizens, the vast majority sharply critical of fracking.  Catskill Citizens extends heartfelt thanks to everyone who used our website to send over 10,000 letters to the DEC on such important topics as water contamination, radioactivity and the threat of fracking-induced earthquakes.  Special thanks to all those who helped print out the letters, pack them up, and ship them off to the DEC.


No Frack!Next up?  A Hydrofracking Day of Action in Albany on Monday, January 23rd.   New Yorkers from every corner of the state will rally in the capital and meet with legislators to discuss the dangers posed by fracking.   Click here to find out about buses from your area and for help scheduling  appointments with Assembly Members, Senators and staff.

Registration closes Thursday, January 19 at 5PM so please act now!


At this point, more than two dozen fracking-related bills that have been introduced in the legislature; some of them are very good, but most of them stand little chance of passage in the current session.   Here are a few of the bills we’ll be championing in the year ahead.

  • S5830, the so-called “Home Rule” bill, clarifies the right of towns to enact zoning ordinances that prohibit fracking.   It will discourage industry-funded lawsuits, and encourage more towns to enact protective ordinances.  Albany insiders say S5830 has a good shot of being passed in the current session.

  • Another critically important bill is A7013/S4616, which will close the hazardous waste loophole that permits the oil and gas industry to get away with improperly disposing of toxic and radioactive wastewater.  It passed in the Assembly last year, but died in the Senate.    A robust discussion of A7013/S4616 will call attention to the dangerous disposal practices routinely used to get rid of fracking waste, and underscore the fact that the shale gas extraction industry seems to be incapable of operating under the same laws that apply to every other business in America.

  • A07218A/S4220-A would prohibit hydraulic fracturing anywhere in the state.  If we can get this bill enacted, New York’s fracking nightmare will be a thing of the past,  but getting it passed is likely to be a drawn out and difficult struggle. 

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Two out of three people who find out about fracking think the risks aren’t worth the rewards.

Public awareness is the key to our success, so spread the word!

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