New Yorkers Living on the Shale say “No!” to Fracking

In the first poll of its kind, New Yorkers who live in a region targeted for shale gas extraction told Pulse Opinion Research they don’t want to be fracked. Seven out ten residents responded that they don’t want “natural gas extraction by means of hydraulic fracturing” in their town; an even greater percent favor zoning ordinances to restrict the process.

The poll of 500 Sullivan County residents was commissioned by Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy and conducted between October 1st and October 3rd. It has a sampling error of plus or minus 4.5%, and a 95% level of confidence. Residents who said they didn’t know enough about hydraulic fracturing to have an opinion were not included in the poll.

You can read more about the poll here.

Tell the Cuomo Administration to stop trying to push fracking down the throats of rural New Yorkers. It’s time to withdraw the Draft SGEIS and prohibit high-volume hydraulic fracturing.

DRBC Postpones Hearing on Fracking Regs

On Friday the Delaware River Basin Commission announced that it is postponing the meeting where it will vote on regulations for fracking in the Delaware River Basin. A press release claimed that “additional time is necessary to complete the ongoing process. ” If true, this is further evidence that regulatory agencies continue to trip over themselves in a headlong rush to grease the skids for fracking.

Some observers think the real reason for the delay is that the commission wanted to avoid the mass protests that would have taken place if the hearing had gone ahead as scheduled on October 21st. The hearing is now scheduled for November 21st, right in middle of the compressed schedule of public hearings on New York’s Draft SGEIS, and just days before Thanksgiving.

Despite the date change, the DRBC can expect a huge public outcry whenever they adopt the absurdly weak regulations that are under consideration. For more information on what’s in store for the DRBC, check out this new video from Josh Fox and editor Matthew Sanchez.

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